Content is a great for getting attention to your brand and with the reach that social media gives us we can get amazing results in a very short timeframe at a significantly lower cost than traditional advertising.

There are a few things you have to take into consideration when creating content, and here are just a couple to get you started.

Gets Attention

It’s very important that anything you create for social media stands out, this is because social media is very noisy and when so many people are competing for attention you have to be different and unique.

On Brand

Every piece of content you create has to be relevant to your brand and target audience, this means consistancy! You should always be using the same tone and core message in each and every piece of content, this is the only way you will build on your results and create a following.

Creates Value

If you create enough value then you will get better results. Think of anything you watch or read on social media and it’s almost certain that for it to get your attention it got your attention and gave you something of value.

Let’s look at this piece of content we created recently. This is for a luxury ski holiday company. The content was designed to get attention on Facebook with the upcoming ski season and it was very successful.




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